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    To give everyone a fair shot at finding meaningful employment.

    Our Story

    In 2015, ScoutSavvy founder Kathryn Brown was working as a web developer at a Portland-based software agency. The agency was growing, and her boss wanted to recruit the best talent to take on new projects. Sadly, hardly any women or people of color were applying for jobs at the agency. Kathryn’s boss wondered, “what’s up with that?”, and asked her to help spread the word to her network of diverse talent. She redesigned the company’s career page to help the agency attract more diverse applicants. Kathryn also helped her boss create a scholarship program for women at the code school she previously attended. The scholarship recipients were given internships at the agency. The interns were so amazing, that her boss hired them. They loved the agency so much, and soon their code school classmates started to apply. The classmates were the best matches for the open positions. Her boss hired their classmates. Now the engineering team at the agency is more diverse than ever before. The agency is taking on larger, more complex projects. The agency is making more money. Everyone is happy. Kathryn founded ScoutSavvy to help more people like her boss – people who want to build better teams by finding the right talent by casting a wider net into more diverse talent networks.

    Our Team

    Kathyrn Brown

    Founder + CEO, “The Captain”

    Our fearless leader Kathryn was into both diversity in the workplace and wearing L.L. Bean boots way before they were cool. Kathryn was an early employee at Techstars company DailyBurn (acquired by IAC), where she lead content strategy and growth strategy for a 2 million + member community. As graduate of Epicodus code school, she recruited female developers to increase the gender diversity of the engineering team at DevelopmentNow while working there as a web developer. This work inspired her to build diversity recruiting software at scale. She has a B.A. in Women’s Studies from the University of Southern Maine, where she studied corporate social responsibility and philanthropy while interning at the Maine Women’s Fund.

    Ben Storm

    Strategy, “The Scout”

    Ben develops and grows relationships for ScoutSavvy. When not scouting the next big opportunity, you can spot Ben enjoying wine or champagne at one of the many local area eateries, or running around Portland training for his next race... Gotta burn off the calories somehow.

    George Domurot

    CTO, “The Cartographer”

    George is the product roadmap maker - the master and commander of UX/ blueprint and data controllers. When not herding all the different development teams and keeping projects on schedule, he's dreaming up new services or seeking out amazing wine and beer around the region.

    Dana Simonsen

    UX / UI Designer, “The Compass Maker”

    Dana is a collaborative designer by nature. An enthusiastic world traveler, she majored in International Studies, minored in Spanish, and studied abroad in Brazil. Her love of foreign languages and culture informs her user experience work. You’ll never go wrong with Dana - her designs will point you in the right direction.

    Justin Garvin

    UX / UI Designer, “The Navigator”

    Justin has a knack for finding quicker ways to do things both in his computer programs and in the kitchen. Justin’s user experience designs help folks discover and navigate through the ScoutSavvy app, lickety–split. When not at the computer or in the kitchen, he's teaching his dog new tricks or playing with his kids.

    Rochelle Higgins

    People Ops Advisor, “The Camp Counselor”

    Rochelle Higgins helps startups manage growth. Over the past 15 years, she helped grow Quantum Spatial, Inc. from a 2-person startup in Corvallis, Oregon, to a 500-person company with offices across the US. Rochelle holds certifications in People Operations, Organizational Development, and Project Management (PMP). She serves as an advisor to small businesses, and in her spare time, she tinkers with ancestry data and garden tools.


    Our mission is to give everyone a fair shot at finding meaningful employment.

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